Wednesday, July 31

Wednesday, July 31 | 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Deep Dive 2: A Drama-Free Workplace

Location: Magnolia C

Perez knows a thing or two about building and sustaining safe, equitable and healthy workplace cultures. She combines her vast experience as a licensed California attorney, a professionally certified HR executive, a specialist in the prevention and resolution of workplace drama, an expert witness in state and federal court, a state regulator and an entrepreneur to create a revolutionary shift in the way we communicate and make decisions at work. Drawing from her book, The Drama-Free Workplace, Perez explains how leaders can proactively avoid workplace drama by taking steps to identify the unconscious influences that might negatively impact decision-making, improving empathy skills and developing “fairness” strategies that help identify, prevent and resolve issues of workplace sexual harassment.

VP of Workplace Strategy