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The Runways | PreShow

You told us you want more time to connect with each other and to discuss the big ideas. This year, to launch our virtual Forum experience, we’re getting started early with networking events to give you the time and space to connect with other business leaders in meaningful ways. 


Join us for three weeks of content, discussions, and networking to build relationships and brainstorm big and bold ideas. Come to as many conversations as you like!  

Bold Business: Taking a Stand for the Greater Good.

Week 1

July 7, 2021
3:30 – 4:30 pm CT 

What is your organization willing to take a stand on?  

How have you changed your business or culture in order to take a stand on a social issue for the greater good? Find out how Ben Hasan, SVP and Global Chief Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at Walmart, Tameka McBride, VP Sales, Gatorade & Propel at PepsiCo are creating action and traction. Come to gather ideas and network with these inspiring executives.  

Bold Actions: Taking a Stand for Customers.

Week 2

July 14, 2021

3:30 – 4:30 pm CT 

What is your organization willing to take a stand on for your customers? 

In this session, Mary Barnard, President, US Sales, Mondelēz International, Justin Parnell, Senior Director, Oreo Brand, Mondelēz International, and Martina Spinatsch, VP of Beauty Care R&D at Henkel North America will describe ways they’ve engaged with passionate customers. Come to be inspired and to network with these bold executives. 

Bold Support: Taking a Stand for Employees. 

Week 3

July 21, 2021

3:30 – 4:30 pm CT 

What has your organization taken a stand on to support your employees?

In what ways have you gained traction around your intentions for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion? Leaders including Tish Archie-Oliver, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Unilever and Victoria Russell, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Beam Suntory will share what they’ve done for their people. Come to discover bold strategies and to network with these inspiring leaders. 

Day 1 | July 27, 2021 

Pre-Show and Power Up with DJ ETrayn


12:30 PM CT

Pre-Show and Power Up with DJ ETrayn

Bold Connections


1:00 - 2:50 PM CT

Three sessions of networking

We’ll start the day with a chance to connect with colleagues in affinity groups aligned around bold topics.  


  • BOLD Collaborators: In what ways has your organization worked with other companies to address a bold issue?

  • BOLD Board Chairs & Directors: How can we leverage our influence & clear the path so more women are seated on boards?

  • BOLD Game-Changers: What game-changing moves as your organization made around DEI?

  • BOLD Creators: What bold moves has your company created to respond to the pandemic? 

  • BOLD Disrupters: How has the past year and half disrupted your life and how have you made a comeback?

  • BOLD Winners: What are the silver linings that have come out of the uncertainty and change of the past year and half?

  • BOLD Visionaries: What strides have you made on preparing younger generations of women for the leadership pipeline?

  • BOLD C-Suite Innovators: With only a limited amount of CEO spots at Fortune 500 companies available, what does the evolution of your leadership look like? 

Bold Ideas: The Sum of Us


3:05 – 4:05 CT

Bold Question: What does racism cost us?  

Heather McGhee explores how racism has been at the root of the biggest problems in America—including the financial crisis, rising student debt, and collapsing infrastructure. The author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, she shares the gains that come when people work together across race.  Heather is joined by moderator Christina Bieniek, NEW Board Member and Chief Commercial Officer, Deloitte Consulting, LLP. 

Bold Moves: Strong Stands and Building Bridges 

Fireside Chat 

4:15 – 4:45 pm CT

Bold Question: How can leaders navigate the business implications of taking a bold stand?

In this era when bold stands create instant reactions around the globe—both negative and positive—it’s critical that leaders have strong strategy in place to withstand the blowback. Listen in as Karen Jones, Senior Director, Head of Learning & Development & DEI at NEW interviews Pamela Stewart, President, West Operations - North America Operating Unit at The Coca-Cola Company and Chair of Board of Directors for GLAAD. They’ll discuss the challenges and benefits of taking bold stands—for organizations and individuals.    

Bold Breakthroughs: Stepping Up and Stepping Forward for a Better World  

NEW Talk

4:45 – 5:00 PM CT

Bold Question: How will you lead to accelerate progress toward a brighter future?

People’s expectations of companies and brands are changing. The extraordinary events of the past year make it clear that we have a responsibility to step up and play a bigger role in solving the world’s challenges – from the global pandemic to climate change to gender and intersectional inequality. Carolyn Tastad, incoming CEO for P&G Health Care and Gender Equality Executive Sponsor, will explore how the disruptions of the past year can be a setback – or lead to new breakthroughs. She’ll share some examples of how P&G is responding, and the steps we can take as individuals and companies to accelerate progress.

Bold Flavors: Cooking Class with Chef Huda Mu’min 

Live Cooking Class  

5:15 – 6:15 pm CT  

Bold Question: In what ways do you nourish yourself so you can sustain your energy to lead?

Join culinary powerhouse, Chef Huda Mu’min, as she shares her approach to healthy comfort food. In this live class, we’ll be cooking together and learning from the host of the award-winning series, The Kitchen Table. A multi-talented culinary influencer who is the Record-Setting Champion of Food Network’s "Cutthroat Kitchen” and a favorite from ABC’s Emmy nominated show "The Taste” with Anthony Bourdain, Chef Mu’min will share one of her favorite recipes.  

Day 2 | July 28, 2021 

PreSHOW with DJ etrayne

7:15 – 7:30 am CT  

Bold Power Up

7:30 – 8:00 am CT  

Bold Question: How often do you neglect your own self-care?

Well-being experts will help you power up throughout the conference with movement, stretching, and meditation breaks.  

Bold Start: Breakfast Networking 

8 – 8:30 am CT

Join the conversation and connect with your peers. 

Bold Vision: RSVP for CHANGE

8:30 – 9:00 am CT  

Bold Question: What is your vision for change?

Kimberly Blaeser, PhD, is an indigenous activist, environmentalist, and poet from White Earth Reservation. Author of five poetry collections -most recently the bi-lingual Résister en dansant/Ikwe-niimi: Dancing Resistance (2020). - Dr. Blaeser will open the day with poetry that reminds us of our strength as women and challenges us to write our own vision for change. She will set the tone for this year’s conference, inviting us to RSVP for the future, to collaborate for a healthier society and planet. 

Bold Action: Building an Inclusive Culture  


9:15 – 9:45 am CT  

Bold Question: How can you create a more inclusive culture?  

As more organizations take a bold stand on diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders are looking to create a dynamic culture that creates belonging, adaptability, and resiliency. Jenn Lim is the CEO of Delivering Happiness, an organization she co-founded with Tony Hsieh, the late CEO of Zappos. She’ll be sharing strategies you can use to shift your culture, so you can build a truly inclusive environment that supports all your people. 

Bold Women: Insights from
new C-Suite Leaders

Moderated Panel Discussion

9:45 – 10:20 am CT

Bold Question: What does it take to lead through tumultuous times when you’re new to your role?

In the past year and a half, C-Suite executives have had to pivot and shift in unexpected ways. This tumultuous time brought unique challenges to leaders who are new to their positions. Join us as Sarah Alter the President & CEO, Network of Executive Women, moderates a candid conversation with Kathryn McLay, CEO of Sam’s Club and Wendy Davidson, President of the Americas for Glanbia Performance Nutrition as they share their biggest leadership lessons.   

Bold Moves: Closing the Gender Gap in Latin America

NEW Talk 

10:20 – 10:35 am CT

Bold Question: How have Latin American organizations addressed gender inequality?

Andrea de la Piedra, co-founder and CEO of Aequales, joins Álvaro Cárdenas, President, Latin America & Caribbean, Diageo, for a candid discussion about gender equality in Latin America. Aequales is the creator of Par Ranking, the largest corporate gender equality ranking program in Latin America. Diageo Latin America & Caribbean has repeatedly won Aequales awards for their efforts. You’ll learn about the unique successes and challenges of closing the gender gap in Latin American corporations.  

Bold Marketing: Behavior Change for Social Good

Panel Discussion with live Q&A  

10:35 – 11:15 am CT  

Bold Question: What responsibility does corporations have to impact the greater good through their marketing efforts?

Marketers have perfected the art of creating emotional loyalty to brands, but a new benchmark is emerging. Now, brands are working to create bold leaps forward by influencing positive behavior change that benefits the world. You’ll hear from leaders including Mark DiMassimo, from DiMassimo Goldstein, an advertising agency that builds positive behavior change brands, Mary Ann Reilly, Head of North America Marketing at Visa, Anitra Marsh, VP for Global Sustainability, Citizenship and Brand Communications at Procter & Gamble, and Toni Clayton-Hine, CMO at EY Americas. Tune in to discover how iconic brands are working to shift the human heart and change the way we work, think, or take care of ourselves.  

Bold Creativity: Art Rock
Lunch Break


12:15 – 12:45 pm CT

Bold Question: What if the assumptions you’re making are incorrect?

Music and art collide in this dynamic show as this electrifying duo co-create an experience filled with infectious energy and bold creativity. Electric violinist Spags shreds over custom-made music mixes while artist Clarione paints at lightning speed. Join us for lunch to witness a big reveal that changes your perspective and get a chance to win one of the stunning pieces. 

Bold Technology: Game-Changing Talent Management


12:45 – 1:30 pm CT  

Bold Question: How can we positively impact the 'Shecession?'

After the pandemic hit America’s borders, a team of seven women, including CHROs from Accenture, Lincoln Financial Group, Procore, and Verizon, created a free online employer-to-employer platform in just 14 days. The team raced to stand up People + Work Connect to put people back to work faster and companies from a wide range of industries instantly saw the value as it enabled them to quickly identify and fill job vacancies. In this session lead by moderator Libby Saylor Wright, Chief of Staff, US Retail & Consumer Goods, at Microsoft, you’ll hear from Eva Sage-Gavin, Senior Managing Director, Talent & Organization / Human Potential at Accenture, Gloria Samuels, Senior Managing Director, Accenture, Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer at Procore, and Tracy Layney, SVP & CHRO of Levis Strauss & Company, as they share the inspiring story of how this group of bold women changed the world and how they plan to help women and underserved communities financially recover from the pandemic.  

Session 1: Bold Preparation: Attracting Gen Z

Panel Discussion with Q&A  

1:40 – 2:25 pm CT  

Bold Question: Who are the leaders and consumers of the future?

In this session, Janese McClellan, Sales Category Director at Procter & Gamble will lead a discussion with Ziad Ahmed, a college student and the CEO and founder of JUV Consulting and Valerie Ntinu, D&I and Communications Specialist for HR Europe and Indonesia. They'll share strategies to attract Gen Z. Whether you want to attract and retain Gen Z employees or hope to capture their attention as buyers, you’ll walk away from this session with actionable ways to get the attention of this powerful emerging group.    

Session 2: Bold Trust:
Building Bridges

Panel Discussion with Q&A  

1:40 – 2:25 pm CT  

Bold Question: How can we build trust with our employees and customers when disinformation is rampant?  

In the words of Dr. Jane Delgado, we build trust one person at a time, over time. And that trust can be broken in an instant. Dr. Jane Delgado, the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, Hillary Leisten, CHRO of Walgreens, and Dr. Archelle Georgiou, Chief Health Officer at Starkey Hearing Technologies discuss ways to mitigate misinformation and build connection with your employees and customers.  

Session 3: Bold Allyship:
Choice + Voice

Panel Discussion with Q&A  

1:40 – 2:25 pm CT  

Bold Question: How can men more powerfully and intentionally advance women in the workplace?  

Tom Foley, facilitator of NEW’s Beyond Allies program, moderates a discussion with leaders including Justin Whitmore, Chief Strategy Officer at Keurig Dr. Pepper, Eric Schuetzler, VP Global R&D at Beam Suntory that explores how seemingly “harmless” interactions are setting a culture that fosters inequity. In this session, you’ll learn what choices need to be made to challenge current norms and concrete ways to use your voice to support, promote, and advocate in order to drive equity.  

Bold Power Up  


2:25 – 2:45 pm CT  

Bold Question: How often do you neglect your own self-care?

Well-being experts will help you power up throughout the conference with movement, stretching, and meditation breaks.  

Day 2 | Breakouts Round 1

Bold Future 


3:35 – 3:50 pm CT 

Sarah Alter, President & CEO of the Network of Executive Women celebrates the foundation NEW was created on.

Bold Impact


3:50 – 4:30 pm CT 

Bold Question: What does it take to be bold?  

Pioneering women in the film industry are working to make it more equitable and inclusive for women of color. In this inspiring session, Helene Pamon, the Head of Personal Care at Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, interviews Angelica Lisk-Hann, Canada’s first Black female stunt coordinator currently working on CBS’s Clarice, with experience in big-budget films including X-Men: Dark Phoenix. She’s the recipient of the 2020 Canadian Screen Award for best stunt coordination, and she’s a stuntwoman herself. She’s devoted her career to ensuring diversity in stunts. You’ll also hear from special guest Mary J. Blige, the Grammy award-winning and Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter, actress, producer, and philanthropist. Discover how these powerful women show up boldly every day and how they encourage other women to do the same.  

Bold Power Up  


4:30 – 4:45 pm CT  

Bold Question: How often do you neglect your own self-care?

Well-being experts will help you power up throughout the conference with movement, stretching, and meditation breaks.  

Bold Fun: Haute House Party


4:45 – 5:45 pm CT  

Shake off your Zoom fatigue with a house party that doubles as a fun networking mixer! You can hang out with your peers as a mixologist shows you how to make a few craft signature cocktails and mocktails before heading over to network during the Trivia Challenge Mixer led by a professional quizmaster. DJ ETrayn rounds out the party with tunes that will get you up on your feet.  

Session 1: Bold Well-Being: Facing the Burnout Problem

Presentation with Q&A 

2:45 – 3:30 pm CT  

Bold Question: In what ways can you improve the way you’re supporting your employees?

Workplace expert Jennifer Moss is the author of Unlocking Happiness at Work and The Burnout Epidemic. She recently partnered with a team of burnout experts and the Harvard Business Review to create a survey to analyze the state of burnout and well-being during the COVID-19 era. The survey of 1,500 respondents from 46 countries in a wide variety of roles and seniority levels, showed that 89% report their work life is getting worse and 85% said their well-being had declined. In this talk, you’ll learn why you can’t ignore burnout, and that combatting it is easier than you think.  

Session 2: Bold Connections: Building Strong Relationships 

Discussion with Q&A  

2:45 – 3:30 pm CT 

Bold Question: Who do you invite into your inner circle?

In a recent article by Colleen Taylor, President of US Merchant Services at American Express, she states, “A Reuters poll indicates that about 40% of white Americans and 25% of non-white Americans are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race. My ask is simple. Be open to deep relationships with people outside your race.” In this fun and inspiring conversation, Taylor introduces her “white work husband,” J. Christopher Ward, EVP, Head of Product and Operations for the Treasury Management Group at PNC Bank. They’ll discuss how their 20+ years of working together at two different companies and their continued friendship has elevated their work and

personal lives.   

Session 3: Bold Self-Care: Managing Your Energy

Discussion with Q&A  

2:45 – 3:30 pm CT  

Bold Question: How much is fatigue costing you and your business? 

Leaders the world over are not operating at full power. In this session, you’ll hear from Sarah Moe, founder and CEO of Sleep Health Specialists, and Pilar Gerasimo, an award-winning health journalist and the author of The Healthy Deviant. Join in to hear powerful strategies you can use to be more rested and more effective. You’ll also discover how you can dramatically and quickly impact the well-being of your teams so they can easily tap their full potential.   

Day 2 | Breakouts Round 2


9:45 – 9:50 am CT  

Starting video.

Bold Power Up  

9:50 – 10 am CT  

Bold Question: How often do you neglect your own self-care?

Well-being experts will help you power up throughout the conference with movement, stretching, and meditation breaks.  

Bold Mind: Navigating Uncertain Times

10 am – 12 pm CT  

Bold Question: How can you use the power of your mind to transform your results in stressful situations? 

Jeremy Hunter, PhD is a global authority on mindfulness and leadership, and the Founding Director of the Executive Mind Leadership Institute and Associate Professor of Practice at the Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management. In this mini-retreat, you’ll learn to work with your mind to help you adapt faster to challenging situations. Leave with a results-oriented toolkit of strategies that you and your teams can use to productively navigate change and enhance your resilience.

Bold Leaders Retreat

10 am – 12 pm CT 


This session is by invitation only for our

C-Suite and select VP members.

Bold Question: How can we imagine better ways of managing and resolving conflicts without losing the spark of difference that enlivens progress and innovation?

In the workplace, as in all areas of human activity, there is always the possibility for conflict and disagreement. In some ways, conflicting opinions can be the source of the greatest creativity and diverse thinking, but conflicts can also be very hard to negotiate as positions become entrenched and differences of opinion become intractable. Maurice Biriotti, Founder and CEO of SHM, is an advisor to C-Suite executives in major global corporations. He’s also Professor of Applied Humanities at University College, London and he jointly pioneered work in neuroscience at Yale, to look at the scientific underpinnings of good relationships and conflict. In this session, you’ll be exploring deep dives on questions including: Does gender play a part in effective conflict resolution? Should there be certain topics that are “off limits” at work because of their inflammatory nature? You’ll leave with cutting-edge strategies for managing conflict based on the latest neuroscientific research.  

Bold Momentum 

12:05 – 12:15 pm CT  

Sarah Alter, President & CEO of the Network of Executive Women wraps up the conference and offers an action and traction challenge to all bold leaders.

Day 3 | July 29, 2021 

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